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Light the path out of homelessness

Sign up for Sleep Under the Stars and raise money to help young Australians who need somewhere safe to live, learn and thrive.

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What is Sleep Under the Stars?

Sleep Under the Stars is a national fundraising event that helps provide safety and support for young Australians facing homelessness.

Each year we find somewhere to sleep out, come together and raise money for Stepping Stone House. The money you help raise goes directly to supporting young Australians, and making sure that when they turn to Stepping Stone House, they are supported with the very best level of care...

This year, things are going to be a little different.

Whether you sleep in your backyard, on your verandah or go camping with your family, you can Sleep Under the Stars anywhere you are - as long as it isn’t in the comfort of your own home.

Show your friends and family that you’re prepared to sleep rough so that a young Australian doesn’t have to, ask for their support and raise money that changes lives.

Sign up now to sleep out and join our online event on Friday 30 October.

To join the livestream event only from 5:30-7pm AEDT Friday 30 October please register here.

How do I take part?

Register now

Step 1: Sign up

Register online now. Join as a team or an individual.

Step 2: Get support

When you sign up, you get your very own fundraising page. Share it with friends and family and let them know you’re sleeping rough to help young people facing homelessness.

Step 3: Sleep Under the Stars.

Choose a safe and COVID-safe place to sleep remotely on 30 October, and join in the virtual event online.

Where can I sleep?

Wherever it’s safe! You can choose to sleep in your backyard, your laundry, on the sofa or in a campsite. You could get your colleagues together and sleep in a safe office space - socially distanced, of course! Remember, your team doesn’t have to sleep in the same place as you. We can do this together, apart.

How do I raise money?

As soon as you sign up, you get your own fundraising page and we’ll send you tools and tips to inspire your friends and families to support you.

Because the event is remote, your supporters can join you online, you can share your progress and keep fundraising as the stars come out.

What will happen on the night?

We recommend that you start setting up your ‘camp’ in the mid-afternoon and join us for our 5:30pm online event proceedings. It’s a good idea to post pics of yourself in your shelter for your friends and family to see, to help lift your fundraising total throughout the night, and then share your reflections on social media the next morning. We hope you can stick it out by sleeping under the stars for the entire night, weather and safety permitting, of course.

What’s the goal?

You’ll be helping reach the target of $560,000 to allow 17 young people to stay at Stepping Stone House for a whole year.

More questions?

See the FAQs below for all the answers.


  • Who can participate in Sleep Under the Stars?
    • Anyone and everyone! We welcome businesses, community groups, sports teams, friends and individuals. Families and young people are more than welcome. People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian over 18 years old. And don't forget that this year, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can participate wherever you are!

  • Why should I get involved? Why is this event so important?
    • Youth homelessness, in a country such as Australia, is unacceptably prevalent. The overall homeless population is estimated at 116,000 and a whopping 38% of this figure is aged under 25.

      At Stepping Stone House, we believe that everybody deserves to be given the greatest chance of building their own life in a safe and secure environment. For 30 years, Stepping Stone House has helped over 450 young people to become self-sufficient and educated young adults. Through educational development, adventure programs, community volunteering, mentoring and counselling, we equip young people with the self-care and life skills they need to reach independence and become the very best they can be.

  • Why do I need to register?
    • Every participant must be registered online so that we can keep you updated with event news and send you the link to our special live online event. We will also be able to send you fundraising tips and welcome you into our online community of like-minded participants and supporters of Stepping Stone House. Remember, the earlier you register, the more time you have to fundraise and recruit friends to join you.

  • Do I need to fundraise?
    • Yes, there is an expectation that you will fundraise to help Stepping Stone House continue to provide assistance to vulnerable young people. But don’t be intimidated, you can set the bar as high as you like, and we’ll give you plenty of tips and advice on fundraising along the way.

      Fundraising doesn’t just raise money, it also helps to spread awareness on the issue of youth homelessness. By fundraising, you are joining an important movement. You are saying publicly and proudly that you believe access to safe and stable housing is a fundamental right of youth across the country.

  • What is the fundraising target for the 2020 event?
    • Our goal is to raise over $560,000 to accommodate and support 17 at-risk youth for an entire year. That support includes:

      • Courses to develop self-belief and confidence to achieve their dreams
      • Adventure education to develop resilience
      • A personal mentor
      • Employability skills and career counselling
      • Life skills development
      • Case worker support
      • Free driving lessons
      • Volunteering opportunities
      • Therapeutic care

      Please visit our homepage for updates on how we are tracking against our fundraising target.

  • Where should I sleep out?
    • Wherever it’s safe! You can choose to sleep in your backyard, your laundry, on the sofa or in a campsite. You could get your colleagues together and sleep in a safe office space - socially distanced, of course. Remember, your team doesn’t have to sleep in the same place as you. We can do this together, apart.

  • Who can sleep out with me?
    • It’s up to you. You can fly solo, provided that it’s safe. Or you can group together with your family or a small number of friends, while maintaining social distancing measures. Whatever you decide, please ensure that you are complying with the current government regulations in your state.

  • What time do I need to set up?
    • Whenever you like, but we recommend setting up in the mid-afternoon so that you’re free to connect with our online presentation at 5:30pm, where you’ll hear firsthand stories of the people you’re assisting by sleeping out.

  • How long does the event go for?
    • The Sleepout part of the event runs all night. The formal online event is from 5:30pm-7pm and we encourage you to continue to engage with our online community throughout the night and in the morning to share in the atmosphere and see the ways other people have interpreted the Sleepout experience.

  • What will I need?
    • We welcome you to exercise creativity around what you use as shelter. You may wish to sleep completely under the stars with just a sleeping bag between you and the night sky. You may pitch a tent in your backyard or the wilderness. You may wish to tie a tarp between trees, or build a shelter from cardboard boxes or sheets. There’s a prize for the most creative shelter, so the more interesting the better!

  • Where can I collect cardboard to make a shelter?
    • Our good friends at Kennards Self Storage have invited all participants of the 2020 Sleep Under the Stars event to drop into their nearest KSS Centre, show proof of your event registration, and collect up to 6 boxes per registered participant to build a shelter at home. Groups may pre-order in bulk by phoning ahead 

  • What will be expected of me on the night?
    • We hope you can stick it out by sleeping under the stars for the entire night - weather and safety permitting, of course. We recommend that you join us for our 5:30pm online event proceedings, and we encourage you to post pics of yourself in your shelter throughout the night and then share your reflections on social media the next morning. Not only will this help you feel more connected to the rest of the Sleeping under the Stars community, but it’s a great way to boost your fundraising total.

  • What will happen during the online event?
    • You’ll hear from three of our inspirational youth workers about the critical work that they do, and have the opportunity to ask questions about Stepping Stone House and our programs.

      Afterwards, our MC for the evening - ABC media personality, James Valentine - will host an exciting live-pledging session where donors have the opportunity to show their support for the Sleep Under the Stars community. As proceedings are all virtual, we welcome you to invite your donors and supporters so that they can share in the experience too; it’s going to be a highly memorable event! As a participant, you’re automatically registered; everyone else can register by clicking here.

  • What prizes are there this year?
    • Prizes will be awarded for the highest fundraisers, most creative home shelter design and most engaging social media post.