How to fundraise 

7 handy tips to help you hit your fundraising goal faster! 

1. Create your page. Okay, this may seem obvious, but the first step is to create your own page, register your team and/or register for a team that's already been created. 

2. Make the first donation (yep, to yourself!). Donating to yourself (even if it's anonymous) will get the ball rolling and show just how committed you are to Sleep Under the Stars 2017. It'll also help you build momentum, because everyone loves giving to a great cause that's already on a roll.

3. Ask someone you know to donate a large amount. Another great way to kick off the fundraising process is to set a high standard. Ask someone you know really well, like a partner or parent, to donate a large amount to you. This will encourage others to follow suit! (Heh heh.)   

4. Get heaps of people involved. Ask ALL of your friends, family members and/or colleagues to join your team or create their own team! Our philosophy is the more, the merrier! If people you ask aren't available, encourage them to pretty please with a cherry on top sponsor you - and to give generously! :-) 

5. Personalise your page. Upload a bright and cheerful team photo and an awesome personal photo of you that's easily identifiable (otherwise people who know won't be able to find you!). If you speak a language other than English, you can also change the language on your page. 

6. Share your page! Tell everyone - seriously, EVERYONE - that you're fundraising for Sleep Under the Stars 2017 to help Stepping Stone House continue to support youth at risk. We've found that the best way to inspire donations is to message your friends and family members directly via email and Facebook Messenger. 

7. Share updates on social media. Once the process is kicked off, keep the momentum going! Share photos, updates and progress with donations on the social media you like engaging with, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.