Frequently Asked questions

Sleep Under the Stars is an annual event with approval from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. 500 places are available for the public to sleep in a secure area, right next to and underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There's no other outdoor event where you can wake up to a stunning sunrise overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Opera House! 

Q: I’m under 18. Can I still attend?

Yes, as long as you’re accompanied by an adult or guardian over 18 years old. Families and young people are more than welcome!

Areas can be cordoned off for youth groups on request, such as Scouts and Guides.

Q: Can I just rock up on the night?

No, every participant must be registered online prior to arrival. Please tell your friends and colleagues to sign up on the Sleep Under the Stars registration page prior to the event.  

Q: How long does the event go for?

Check in is from 5pm to 9.30pm on Friday 27th Oct, 2017. We will head home around 7.30am on Saturday 28th October.

Q: What should I bring?

A sleeping bag, pillow and the clothes on your back. Please bring minimal equipment to keep the experience authentic.

You can bring a bag of extra clothes and toiletries, but we ask that you don’t bring mattresses and bed rolls. You’d be surprised how comfortable 3 Kennards Self Storage boxes are as a makeshift mattress!

Please note that if you have back problems, you can absolutely bring an inflatable mattress - just don't tell anyone! :-) 

Q: Should I bring food?

You can bring your own food if you want to or have special dietary requirements. A hot soup dinner and complimentary BBQ breakfast will be provided.

Q: Will there be entertainment?

Of course! We will have roast marshmallows around the open fires, enjoy a basic dinner from the food truck and listen to the awesome and talented Jake Howden (from The Voice). Some formerly homeless young people will also share their insights and experiences with us.

Q: Where will I sleep?

Kennards Self Storage and Kennards Hire will give you and your team 6 large cardboard boxes and 2 large tarps. The Kennards Hire team will then help you to construct a waterproof and robust home for the night. A panel of judges will determine the best cardboard shelter/fort!

Q: Is there a prize for the best shelter?

For sure! The most creative and well-designed cardboard shelter will team prizes (more info to come on these). You can pre-build and bring your shelter with you if you’re really keen!

A VIP area will be set aside with the best view of the Opera House for the top 10 teams and top 50 individual fundraisers. Will you be a hardworking participant who earns a million dollar view?!

Q: What other prizes are there?

There will be prizes large and small up for grabs (all items kindly donated). More information to come. 

The prize for the most likes on Facebook or Instagram for a photo using the hashtag #sshsleepstars will be judged the morning of Saturday 28th October (remember that your Facebook and/or Instagram must be publicly visible). 

Q: Can I bring a tent?

Yes, you can bring a small 2 or 3-person tent for use if there is torrential rain. Tents will be pitched in an area at the back. Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority won't allow any tents over 1m 20cms tall.

Q: Are there toilet and shower facilities?

Yes, there are toilets on site, but no shower facilities.

Q: Can I bring alcohol? 

Sorry, no alcohol allowed, as this is a family-friendly event.

Q: Is there parking nearby?

Overnight cheap meter parking is available overnight on the adjoining Lower Fort Street, The Rocks, NSW, 2000.

Q: Will there be security?

There will be a security fence around the whole area during the event. Security guards will be patrolling throughout the night.

Q: Are there other terms and conditions?

Yes, there are terms and conditions as part of the registration process and you can view them here

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